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Table 2 Phage Competition ELISAs

From: Peptides identify multiple hotspots within the ligand binding domain of the TNF receptor 2

  Competitor IC50 (M)
Reporter Ligand hTNF-alpha hTNF-beta hTNFR1 hTNFR2
KcC7 phage 3.30E-12 6.29E-11 +/- 4.25E-08
KcD11 phage 1.14E-11 1.93E-11 +/- 2.08E-07
KcF6 phage 3.01E-11 7.93E-11 0 9.87E-09
KcF12 phage 2.60E-10 4.23E-10 +/- 4.17E-08
  1. Phage-expressed HSPLs were added in the presence of varying concentrations of competitor (e.g., TNF ligands or soluble receptors). IC50s are determined by probing for phage binding to target in the presence of competitor.