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Table 2 The protein spots that were differentially expressed after the inoculation of Arabidopsis leaves with two F. graminearum H3 and ZEA-1 strains

From: The defense response in Arabidopsis thaliana against Fusarium sporotrichioides

Spot No. Description Protein ID a F. graminearum H3/Mock b F. graminearum ZEA-1/Mock b
A3 Glutathione S-transferase 6 (GSTF3) gi|15218640 1.03 1.13
A4 Superoxide Dismutase gi|4455253 1.10 1.10
A5 Glutathione S-transferase (GSTF4a) sp|P46422|GSTF4_ARATH 1.13 1.48
A7 Glutathione S-transferase (GSTF4b) sp|P46422|GSTF4_ARATH 1.03 1.19
A8 Glutathione S-transferase 11 (GSTF9) sp|Q9SRY5|GSTF9_ARATH N. D. N. D.
A9 Glutathione S-transferase 9 (GSTF7) gi|15224581 1.20 1.36
A12 Putative Ascorbate Peroxidase APX4 gi|31980500 0.80 2.17
  1. aProtein ID indicates the accession number of the protein. bThe ratio of Fusarium/Mock shows the fold-change in expression levels between Fusarium-inoculated leaves and mock-treated leaves for each protein. N. D. shows the not detected the spot. Data are representative of 3 independent experiments.