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Table 6 Evaluation of binding motif independence

From: Prediction of DNA-binding proteins from relational features

Protein group Accuracy on Cross-validated accuracy
  excluded group on training data
Helix-turn-helix 83.3 80.3
Zinc-coordinating 100 82.9
Zipper-type 88.9 83.1
Other α-helix 100 85.0
β-sheet 77.8 86.0
Other 100 82.5
Enzyme 58.1 90.4
  1. Predictive accuracies obtained by linear SVM classifiers trained on the datasets PD138/NB110 with protein groups excluded from PD138. The accuracy on excluded group is the percentage of correctly classified proteins from the protein group excluded from the training data. The cross-validated accuracy on training data is the accuracy of the learnt model estimated by 10-fold cross-validation on the training data.