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Table 5 Examples of predicted complexes

From: Filtering Gene Ontology semantic similarity for identifying protein complexes in large protein interaction networks

ID predicted complex NA GO biological processes GO molecular functions GO cellular components
    annotation p-value annotation p-value annotation p-value
1 YGR095C YDL111C YGR158C YCR035C YOL142W YHR069C YOR001W YHR081W YDR280W YNL232W YOL021C YGR195W 1 GO:0071051 1.10e-33 GO:0000175 2.77e-19 GO:0000176 1.25e-33
2 YPL243W YML105C YKL122C YPR088C YDL092W YPL210C 1 GO:0006617 3.10e-18 GO:0008312 1.37e-15 GO:0005786 5.59e-19
3 YBR060C YPR162C YNL261W YHR118C YML065W YLL004W 1 GO:0006267 3.07e-15 GO:0003688 3.54e-14 GO:0000808 1.65e-19
4 YHL025W YJL176C YNR023W YOR290C YFL049W YPR034W YBR289W YMR033W YPL129W YDR073W YPL016W 0.917 GO:0042766 5.97e-30 GO:0008094 1.09e-3 GO:0016514 4.90e-33
5 YLR071C YGR104C YOR174W YER022W YOL135C YHR041C YGL025C YDR443C YBR253W YNL236W YHR058C YOL051W YMR112C YNR010W YBR193C YPR070W YPR168W YCR081W YDR308C 0.76 GO:0006366 1.80e-22 GO:0001104 8.82e-54 GO:0016592 4.61e-51
6 YLR357W YFR037C YPR034W YBR245C YFR013W YPL235W YOR304W YDR190C YCR052W YKR008W YGL133W YDR303C YER164W YPL082C - GO:0006338 7.87e-24 GO:0016887 9.77e-17 GO:0016585 2.54e-19
7 YDR416W YAL032C YMR288W YMR213W YHR165C YGR278W YLR117C YDL209C YPL151C YML049C YLL036C - GO:0000398 2.35e-19 GO:0000384 2.04e-14 GO:0005681 5.52e-21
8 YNL252C YML025C YDR116C YNL284C YGR220C YCR046C - GO:0032543 2.74e-7 GO:0003735 2.16e-9 GO:0000315 1.05e-12