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Table 4 Functional classification of dysregulated proteins in mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s disease using DAVID bioinformatics tool

From: Plasma protein profiling of Mild Cognitive Impairment and Alzheimer’s disease using iTRAQ quantitative proteomics

   Enrichment score¶ Protein count P value Benjamin
Biological process Acute inflammatory response 9.6 8 2.5E-11 6.1E-9
Blood coagulation 4.19 4 3.1E-4 5.2E-3
Cell activation 4.19 4 1.6E-2 3.3E-2
Lipid transport 3.35 5 3.4E-5 1.7E-3
Complement activation 2.45 3 6.6E-4 8.9E-3
Molecular function Enzyme inhibitor activity 6.66 8 1.5E-8 3.5E-7
Cell surface binding 4.19 5 3.6E-8 5.0E-7
Enzyme activator activity 3.35 4 7.4E-3 3.7E-2
Sterol transporter activity 3.35 3 1.3E-4 9.0E-4
  Unclassified   7   
  1. ¶The full human genome was used as the reference list [21, 22]. The classification stringency was set to medium.