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Figure 2

From: Competition between bound and free peptides in an ELISA-based procedure that assays peptides derived from protein digests

Figure 2

Determination of the optimal conditions for the Peptidomatrix, using the peptide MXR P2 and the serum from rabbit # 64850. (A) Binding of the antibody (at different dilutions) to wells containing increasing amounts of peptide. The actual amount of bound peptide has not been determined and it is assumed that it is proportional to the concentration used for coating the wells. Antibody dilutions: 1:100 (), 1:200 (), 1:1000 (), 1:2000 () and pre-immune serum 1:100 (). (B) Titration of bound peptide with increasing concentrations of antibody (expressed as dilutions of the antiserum) 3 concentrations of attached peptide (1.0 () 0.5 () and 0.25 () μg/ml) were used. (C) Competition between attached and free peptide using 2 concentration of attached peptide, 0.5 () and 0.25 () μg/ml, antibody dilution was 1:750. All the data were analyzed using equations 1 and 2 described in the methods. The, values of KdKd, Amax and D appear in Table 2. All the data points represent the average of triplicates.

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