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Figure 3

From: Competition between bound and free peptides in an ELISA-based procedure that assays peptides derived from protein digests

Figure 3

Determination of the optimal conditions for the Peptidomatrix, using the peptide MXR P3 and the serum from rabbit # 64795. Panels A, B and C are as described in the legend of Figure 2 except that in panel A there is no pre-immune serum reaction AND 1:2000, in panel B only two concentrations of attached peptide (0.5 () and 0.25()) were used and in panel C there is only one value of attached peptide (0.5 μg/ml), with the other curve being generated with pre-immune serum. The, values of KdKd, Amax and D appear in Table 3. All the data points represent the average of triplicates.

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