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Figure 4

From: Competition between bound and free peptides in an ELISA-based procedure that assays peptides derived from protein digests

Figure 4

Binding of the antibody (at different dilutions) to wells containing increasing amounts of ATPase peptide. In 4A and 4C a different peptide/antibody combination is shown at two different dilutions of the antibody: () 1:1500; () 1:3000. Panel A: ATP1/RS64845; panel C ATP3/RS64855. Competition between attached and free peptide is depicted in B and D using 3 (dilutions of antibody: (1:400 (); 1:800 (); 1:1600 (). Peptide/antibody combinations are as in A and C, respectively for B and D. All the data points represent the average of triplicates.

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