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Figure 6

From: Competition between bound and free peptides in an ELISA-based procedure that assays peptides derived from protein digests

Figure 6

Theoretical determination of the optimal conditions for the Peptidomatrix ACORDING TO 2 SITES. (see the appendix for details). Panels A, B, C and D are as described in the legend of Figure 5 except that the equations used in this case were A6 (for panel A and B) and A7 (for panel C and D). All data were analyzed using the Michaelis-Menten equation (normal and descending hyperbola), using the parameters Ka1 = 30, Ka2 = 3, Kp1 = 10, Kp2 = 100, cap = 50 and Kf = 1. The derived values of Kd and Amax appear in table 6.

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