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Figure 3

From: Increase in local protein concentration by field-inversion gel electrophoresis

Figure 3

Changes in relative mobility upon different pulsing conditions. Comparison of changes in protein relative mobility between FIGE and CFE conditions in 6% (a), 10% (b), 14% (c) and 18% (d) cross-linked polyacrylamide concentration self-cast Bio-Rad SDS-PAG (1 mm × 7 cm). Different concentrations of polyacrylamide were casted in a mini-Protean 3 apparatus. Five microliters of Mark12 protein standards were used. Relative mobility was measured as a ratio of the migration distance of the target protein to that of the resolving front (% Rf). The graphs were generated using Quantity One software. The y-axis denotes the percent differences of % Rf in pulsed conditions compared to the CFE control. Each data point was the average of two separate experiments. All gels were run at 200 V with the average buffer temperature of 10°C. Positive values denote shorter migration distance and negative values denote longer migration distance with respect to CFE control. Error bar denotes the standard deviation of two separate experiments. Error bar cannot be showed if the range is smaller than the label.

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