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Figure 5

From: Protein profiling of the dimorphic, pathogenic fungus, Penicillium marneffei

Figure 5

Alignment of amino acid sequences from RanA-like fungal proteins. The peptide sequences depicted include those from P. marneffei (Pmar; this study), Aspergillus fumigatus (Afum; NCBI Accession No. XP_751206), E. nidulans (Enid; NCBI Accession No. AAR08135), Coccidioides immitis (Cimm; NCBI Accession No. XP_001239221), Candida albicans (Calb; NCBI Accession No. XP_711509), and S. pombe (Spom; NCBI Accession No. NP_596827). Shared amino acid residues are indicated by a "*", whereas conserved and semi-conserved substitutions are noted by ":" and ".", respectively. The segment of amino acids in bold red font represents the Ran signature motif. In addition, the underlined amino acids in bold blue font denote those peptides originally identified by MS sequencing (see Table 3). Primer RAN-1F was designed to the nucleotide sequence encoding the C terminal end of the first underlined peptide, whereas RAN-1R was designed to the nucleotide sequence encoding the N terminal end of the third underlined peptide.

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