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Table 3 Comparison serum profiles short PFS vs. long PFS

From: Prediction of outcome of non-small cell lung cancer patients treated with chemotherapy and bortezomib by time-course MALDI-TOF-MS serum peptide profiling

m/z p-value
2489.3052 0.018082
2318.2202 0.030239
2209.0934 0.041789**
2215.2849 0.041789
2376.2096 0.041789
1545.616 0.048844
  1. Six peaks were significantly differential comparing NSCLC patients with short progression-free survival and long progression-free survival. All peaks were up-regulated in the group with short progression-free survival. None of the six peaks were positively identified. Ordered by p-value. ** identified by Tempst et al. as high-molecular-weight kininogen [19].