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Table 4 Comparison time-course serum profiles short PFS vs. long PFS

From: Prediction of outcome of non-small cell lung cancer patients treated with chemotherapy and bortezomib by time-course MALDI-TOF-MS serum peptide profiling

m/z p-value peptide ID
3215.1939 0.0021001  
1616.6366 0.010132 P-FPA
1292.4157 0.013272  
1418.539 0.013272  
1596.189 0.022018  
1440.5407 0.043474  
1670.5947 0.044759  
  1. Seven peaks were significantly differential comparing NSCLC patients with short progression-free survival and long progression-free survival, using three time points: pre-treatment, after two cycles of treatment and end of treatment. Ordered by p-value.
  2. Abbreviation: P-FPA: phospho-fibrinopeptide A.