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Table 2 Putative identification of protein spots in chicken bursa of Fabricius extracted with method C and extraction buffer IV

From: Optimized sample preparation for two-dimensional gel electrophoresis of soluble proteins from chicken bursa of Fabricius

Spot No.a Protein Name Accession
M r (kDa)
Protein score/best ion scoree Peptides Identified
S1 Endoplas-mic reticulum protein ERp29 gi| 67476967 25.36/25.18 7.66/5.34 4/61 132/110 ILEQGEEFAANEVVR
S2 lamin B2 gi| 45384202 67.90/21.79 5.31/7.00 22/77 207/60 IKDLEVLFHR
S3 Proteas-ome 26S subunit, non-ATPase, 14 gi| 74004398 27.13/32.3 6.12/6.65 8/60 96/51 LINANMMVLGHEPR
  1. aSpot No. is the unique number which refers to the labels in Fig. 5.
  2. bAccession no. is the MASCOT results of MALDI-TOF/TOF searched from the NCBInr database.
  3. cpred/exp, predicted/experimental.
  4. dThe number of peaks which match/unmatch to the trypsin peptides.
  5. eProtein score (based on combined MS and MS/MS spectra) and best ion score (based on MS/MS spectra) were from MALDI-TOF/TOF identification. The proteins had statistically significant protein score of greater than 72 (p ≤ 0.05) were considered successfully identified.