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Figure 3

From: Comparative proteomic analysis of pathogenic and non-pathogenic strains from the swine pathogen Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae

Figure 3

2DE immunoblotting analyses of P97 adhesin. Proteins samples from the M. hyopneumoniae strains J (C), 7448 (B), and 7422 (A) were resolved by 2DE as described in Figures 1 and 2, electroblotted onto PVDF membranes, and probed with the anti-P97 monoclonal antibody F1B6 (1:400 dilution). Anti-mouse IgG alkaline phosphatase-labelled secondary antibody (1:2000 dilution) was used to develop antigen-antibody reactions. The approximate molecular weights are shown on the left of the gel and the acid-to-alkaline gradient is from left to right. Mature P97 (P97), its two main proteolytic products (a and b), and the P97 pathogenic-strain-specific, low-MW proteolytic products (1-4) are indicated.

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