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Figure 4

From: Effects of UVB-induced oxidative stress on protein expression and specific protein oxidation in normal human epithelial keratinocytes: a proteomic approach

Figure 4

Western blot for validation of identified proteins and their modulation in UVB-treated NHEK. Total proteins (40 μg) extracted from irradiated and control cells were loaded onto a 12% SDS-PAGE gel, blotted onto nitrocellulose membrane and challenged with specific GRP78 and HSP70 antibodies. Western blot analysis confirmed proteomic results of decreased levels of GRP78 (a) and increased levels of HSP70 (b) in UVB-treated NHEK cells compared with control cells. Immunoblots were scanned by densitometry and all values were normalized to β-actin. Densitometric values are given as percentage of CTR values (n = 3) and represent the mean ± SEM of three independent experiments. * p < 0.001 vs CTR.

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