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Figure 3

From: Cytoplasmic- and extracellular-proteome analysis of Diplodia seriata: a phytopathogenic fungus involved in grapevine decline

Figure 3

2-DE CBB-stained 12.5% SDS-PAGE gels of D. seriata cytoplasmic proteins corresponding to a liquid culture carried out in normal conditions (A), and to a liquid cultured developed in the presence of CMC. (C).- Density plots graphically representing the (%) volumen average corresponding to the proteins up-regulated (+) and down-regulated (-) are shown. (%) Vol. corresponds to the volume of each spot divided by the total volume of all the spots in the gel. Differentially expressed proteins were considered when the ratio of the (%) Vol. average (3 gels) between conditions was higher than 1.5 and the p-value deduced from the t-test was <0.05. The density plots corresponding to each category (up- and down-regulated proteins) are ordered from higher to lower ratios (as showed in Table 3).

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