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Figure 1

From: A proteomic view of Caenorhabditis elegans caused by short-term hypoxic stress

Figure 1

DIGE maps of the C. elegans wild type (N2) after 4 h hypoxia. In GEL1 (top panel), the control lysate was labeled with Cy3 (green), and the lysate from 4 h hypoxia group was labeled with Cy5 (red). In GEL2 (bottom panel), reverse labeling was used so that the control was labeled with Cy5 (red) and the hypoxia group was labeled with Cy3 (green). For normalization in both gels, a mixture containing equal parts of the control and hypoxia groups was labeled with Cy2 (blue). The three Cy-dye labeled samples were co-separated on one gel, and the merged gel was created by the overlay of the three images. In total, 1,231 spots were matched from each of the fluorescent gels.

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