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Figure 3

From: Identification of azurocidin as a potential periodontitis biomarker by a proteomic analysis of gingival crevicular fluid

Figure 3

Azurocidin expression in gingival tissues by western blot. Protein expression levels of azurocidin were confirmed in gingival tissue using western blotting. Gingival tissues were sorted by the stage of chronic gingivitis and periodontitis. The gingival tissues used for the confirmation of azurocidin expression were from 2 healthy individuals (N) and 3 chronic gingivitis (GV), 3 moderate periodontitis (MP), and 3 severe chronic periodontitis (SP) patients. The detected sizes of azurocidin were approximately 27 kDa. After loading 5 μg of protein, anti-human azurocidin and anti-β-actin antibodies were used for detection. Overall, azurocidin expression was higher in periodontitis patients as compared to healthy individuals.

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