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Table 1 Current Available Validated Antibodies for Protein Kinases and Regulators

From: Improved protein arrays for quantitative systems analysis of the dynamics of signaling pathway interactions

AKT Rb NFkBp65
pAKT(S473) pRb(S807_811) pNFkBp65(S536)
pAKT(T308) p16 IKBa
ERK1/2 p21 pIKBa(S32)
pERK1/2(S44/42) p27 MDM2
GSK3ab CyclinB1 pMDM2(S166)
pGSK3ab(S21/9) CyclinD3 E-Cadherin
IRS1 Cdk4 Vimentin
pIRS1(Y896) EGFR b-Catenin
pIRS1(Y1179) pEGFR(Y1173) gH2AX
mTOR IGF1R Hsp27
pmTOR(S2448) pIGF1R(Y1158_1162) NQO1
PTEN pIGF1R(Y1162_1163) sClu
pPTEN(S380) Raf1 b-Actin
p38 pRaf1(S259) Smad3
pp38(T180_Y182) Bcl2 pSmad3(S423/425)
Src pBcl-2(S70) Cleaved Caspase 3
pSrc(Y416) JNK Cleaved Caspase 8
pSrc(Y527) pJNK(T183_185) Cleaved Caspase 9
Stat3 p53  
pStat3(S727) pp53(S15)