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Figure 6

From: Prediction of 492 human protein kinase substrate specificities

Figure 6

Comparison of predicted vs. experimentally computed profile matrices. The figure contains four different histograms, where each diagram represent the sum of squared error of the predicted profile matrices and experimentally computed profile matrices based on confirmed phospho-peptide pairs for each kinase. x-axis is the sum of squared error, and y-axis is the frequency or number of matrices which have the specified error. Left histograms are based on consensus based module of the predictor and right histograms related to the profile matrix based module of the predictor. Top histograms show the training set, and the bottom histograms are the results on the five test kinases. Total sum of squared error (SSE) for the consensus based module on training data is 584. 89, and on the test set is 2. 66, while total SSE for the profile matrix based on training data is 494. 22, and on the test set is 1. 99.

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