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Table 3 Cleavage-site prediction accuracies achieved by TargetP and CSitePred. For TargetP, (P) and (N) mean using the ‘Plant’ and ‘Non-plant’ option of the predictor, respectively. TargetP will invoke SignalP, ChloroP, or a program specialized in predicting mTP for cleavage site prediction. CSitePred is based on conditional random fields.

From: Fast subcellular localization by cascaded fusion of signal-based and homology-based methods

Cleavage Site Predictor Cleavage Site Prediction Accuracy (%)
  SP mTP cTP Overall
TargetP(P) 71.49 44.04 8.82 64.55
TargetP(N) 84.63 46.69 2.21 75.28
CSitePred 79.40 39.40 31.62 71.73