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Table 6 The computation time and performance of different classifiers in the subcellular localization task. The classification time is the time to classify a profile-alignment score vector with dimension equal to the number of training vectors. The training time is the time required to train a classifier, given a profile-alignment score matrix K. In PDAproj+SVM, PDA was applied to project the samples in the input space to a (C - 1)-dim space (C = 4 here); the projected vectors were then classified by RBF-SVMs.

From: Fast subcellular localization by cascaded fusion of signal-based and homology-based methods

Classification Method Training Time (sec.) Classification Time (sec.) SubLoc Acc.
SVM 51.4 0.7 91.45%
PDA 9.9 1.9 90.24%
PDAproj+SVM 8.9 0.1 89.97%