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Table 1 Differentially regulated proteins between trans-Vaccenic, cis-Vaccenic and Elaidic revealed by SILAC

From: Hepatocytes respond differently to major dietary trans fatty acid isomers, elaidic acid and trans-vaccenic acid

  1. Proteins are reported with Uniprot accession number, Name, Fold regulation in individual comparisons, the geometric standard deviation (Geo.SD.) and selected GO-terms
  2. a) black bold: significant regulatory data (p < 0.01) with fold > 1.3, black italic: significant regulatory data (p < 0.01) with fold < 1.3, grey italic: not significant regulatory data (p > 0.01)
  3. b) a: cholesterol biosynthetic process (GO:0006695), b: cholesterol metabolic process (GO:0008203), and c: lipid metabolic process (GO:0006629)