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Table 1 Systemic and specific adopted inclusion criteria

From: Analysis of protein expression in periodontal pocket tissue: a preliminary study

Systemic Inclusion Criteria Local Inclusion Criteria
Absence of relevant medical conditions: Medical history of good health (particularly ruling out bone disease, uncontrolled or poorly controlled diabetes, unstable or life-threatening conditions, or requiring antibiotic prophylaxis were excluded). Defect anatomy:
Presence of at least one intrabony defect in patient with periodontal disease.
Excessive gingival display or gingival margin asymmetries required a surgical correction in periodontally-healthy patients
Smoking status: Non-smokers and without a story of alcohol abuse. Good oral hygiene: full-mouth plaque score (FMPS) ≤20 %
Compliance: only patients showing high levels of compliance (as assessed during the cause-related phase of therapy) were selected. Low level of residual infection: full-mouth bleeding score (FMBS) ≤20 %.
Pregnancy or lactation and underage were excluded. Endodontic status: Experimental teeth had to be vital or properly treated with root canal therapy.