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Table 1 The number of proteins identified by ProteinPilot™ Software from in-gel and in-solution digestion of healthy sheep serum samples by searching a composite Ovis aries, Bos taurus and Capra hircus protein sequence database

From: Characterisation of the circulating acellular proteome of healthy sheep using LC-MS/MS-based proteomics analysis of serum

Experiment → First digestion Second digestion Third digestion
Digestion type In-gel In-sol In-gel In-sol In-gel In-sol
Serum protein source Ac Ac Ac Crude Ac + Crude Crude
Total quantity of protein analysed 34 μg 10 μg 350 μg 20 μg 900 μg 100 μg
Number of protein IDs 120 25 241 100 182 32
  1. Key: In-sol In-solution; Ac Acetone precipitated; IDs Identifications