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Table 2 Unnatural amino acids for iEDDA reaction

From: Tetrazine ligation for chemical proteomics

UAA functionalities Reaction partner Reaction rate (M−1 s−1) Condition Labeled Protein system Ref
Tetrazine s-TCO 880 ± 10 (in vitro) 330 ± 20 (in E. coli) E. coli. GFP tRNACUA/MjTyrRS (Y32E, L65A, A107E, F108P, Q109S, D158G, L162G) [43]
trans-cyclooctene dipyridyl-Tz 17248 ± 3132 (in vitro) E. coli., HEK293 sfGFP tRNACUA/MbPylRS (Y271A, L274M, C313A) [46]
Tz-Cy5, Tz-TAMRA NA 35000 ± 3000 HeLa GFP tRNAPyl/PylRS(Y306A, Y384F) [45]
norbornene Tz-TAMRA 9 E. coli., HEK293 sfGFP tRNACUA/PylRS [44]
dipyridyl-Tz-DANSYL NP E. coli. YFP tRNAPyl/PylRS(Y394F,Y306G, I405R) [77]
Tz-TAMRA 8 E. coil., HeLa GFP tRNAPyl/PylRS(Y306A, Y384F) [45]
BCN dipyridyl-Tz 1245 ± 45 (in vitro) E. coli., HEK293 sfGFP tRNACUA/MbPylRS (Y271M, L274G, C313A) [46]