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Fig. 3

From: Iron overload down-regulates the expression of the HIV-1 Rev cofactor eIF5A in infected T lymphocytes

Fig. 3

Spike in SILAC workflow. a Spike-in SILAC standard labeling (C8166 Heavy) was “decoupled” from the biological experiments and then carried out under normal cell culture conditions (C8166 Light). After the treatments were performed, the nonlabeled samples were combined with the SILAC standard and each of these combined samples was analysed separately by LC-MS/MS. Ratio 1 originated from the light/heavy ratio between iron-overloaded cells (Fe) and SILAC standard; Ratio 2 from HIV-infected cells (HIV) and SILAC standard; Ratio 3 from iron-overloaded and HIV-infected cells (HIV/Fe) and SILAC standard. b Iron overload perturbs the proteome profile of the HIV-infected cells. Each vertical column represents an individual condition and each horizontal row an individual protein; gene names are indicated. Protein abundance ratios were colored according to the fold changes (green Log10 ratios: downregulations; red Log10 ratios: upregulations) and the color scale indicates the magnitude of expression changes. Black squares indicate no change in protein abundance. Proteins exhibiting abundant changes ≥1.5-fold increase in at least one of the three conditions were reported

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