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Table 5 Proteins associated with Non-Syndromic Hearing Loss segregating with caveolae in SL pericytes. The table shows proteins implicated in nonsyndromic hearing loss pathologies segregating with caveolae in treated and untreated cells. The highest number of unique peptides identifying the proteins is given in the table (n CTRL and n GTM) as well as their UniProt identifiers. The proteins myosin heavy chain 14 (MYH14), myosin heavy chain 9 (MYH9), Wolframin (WFS1), Lysyl-tRNA synthase (KARS) have been previously described in the SL. The proteins Diaphanous 1 (DIAPH1), MYH14, MYH9, unconventional myosin VI (MYO6), Radixin (RXD), TRIO and filamentous actin binding protein (TRIOBP), Taperin (TPRN), WFS1, KARS, Serpin B6 (SERPINB6), tight junction protein ZO-2 (Tjp2), polyribonucleotide-nucleotidyl transferase (PNP1), segregated with caveolae in both in untreated and GTM treated cells. One protein, Calcium integrin-binding family member 2 protein (CIB2), exclusively segregated with caveoale in untreated cells and two proteins Methionine Sulfoxide Reductase B3 (MSRB3) and Coiled Coil Domain Containing protein 50 (CCDC50) segregated exclusively in GTM treated cells

From: In vitro gentamicin exposure alters caveolae protein profile in cochlear spiral ligament pericytes

Protein name Gene Function n CTRL n GTM UniProt ID
Diaphanous 1 DIAPH1 Cytoskeleton and mobility 4 5 O08808
Myosin Heavy Chain14 MYH14 Motor protein 2 2 Q6URW6
Myosin Heavy Chain9 MYH9 Motor protein 100 108 Q8VDD5
Unconventional myosin 6 MYO6 Motor protein 6 11 Q64331
Radixin RDX Cytoskeleton 6 10 P26043
TRIO filamentous actin binding protein TRIOBP Cytoskeleton 12 12 Q99KW3
Taperin TPRN Cytoskeleton 6 6 A2AI08
Wolframin WFS1 Regulation of Ca2+ homeostasis 14 14 P56695
Lysyl-tRNA-synthase KARS Attach amino-acid to its cognate tRNA 9 9 Q99MN1
Serpin B6 SERPINB6 Protease inhibitor 10 11 Q60854
Tight junction protein ZO-2 TJP2 Role in tight and adherents junctions 3 3 Q9Z0U1
Polyribonucleotide-nucleotidyl transferase PNPT1 Degrades mRNA 2 1 Q8K1R3
Calcium integrin binding protein 2 CIB2 Calcium-binding regulatory protein 1   Q9Z309
Methionine R sulfoxide reductase MSRB3 Antioxidant   2 Q8BU85
Coiled coil domain containing protein CCDC50 Cytoskeleton   2 Q810U5