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Fig. 5

From: ITRAQ-based quantitative proteomic analysis of processed Euphorbia lathyris L. for reducing the intestinal toxicity

Fig. 5

Western blotting showing the changes in Ang4 and STAT1 level in mice intestine treated with different doses of SE, SEP and EFL1 with respect to control-treated mice intestine

Note:Internal reference:β- actin,1.Control, 2.High-dose of SE (SEH, 1.5 ml/20 g), 3.low-dose of SE (SEL, 0.5 ml/20 g), 4. High-dose of SEP (SEPH, 1.0 ml/20 g), 5. Low-dose of SEP (SEPL, 0.33 ml/20 g), 6.High-dose of EFL1 (EFLH, 20 mg/20 g), 7 Low-dose of EFL1 (EFLL, 10 mg/20 g)

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