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Table 3 Pathway Enrichment analysis of differentially expressed proteins relative to SE compared with control group

From: ITRAQ-based quantitative proteomic analysis of processed Euphorbia lathyris L. for reducing the intestinal toxicity

NO Maps pValue
1 Immune response_Oncostatin M signaling via JAK-Stat in mouse cells 0.000195
2 Immune response_Oncostatin M signaling via JAK-Stat in human cells 0.000242
3 Development_Thrombopoetin signaling via JAK-STAT pathway 0.000294
4 Immune response_IL-15 signaling via JAK-STAT cascade 0.000322
5 Development_Transcription factors in segregation of hepatocytic lineage 0.000552
6 Immune response_IL-7 signaling in T lymphocytes 0.000887
7 Immune response_IL-7 signaling in B lymphocytes 0.001136
8 Cell adhesion_Ephrin signaling 0.001244
9 Neurophysiological process_Receptor-mediated axon growth repulsion 0.001244
10 Immune response_IL-5 signaling 0.001300
11 Signal transduction_PTMs in IL-12 signaling pathway 0.001415
12 G-protein signaling_Rap1B regulation pathway 0.013047
13 Protein folding_Membrane trafficking and signal transduction of G-alpha (i) heterotrimeric G-protein 0.022438
14 Immune response_IL-12 signaling pathway 0.027103
15 Development_Glucocorticoid receptor signaling 0.028266