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Table 2 Low-abundance proteins predicted to be related to chitin binding and modification

From: In-depth proteomic analyses of Haliotis laevigata (greenlip abalone) nacre and prismatic organic shell matrix

Protein Accession no. Predicted domains Shell layer
Similar to chitinase-3 Comp79626_c0_seq1_4, idb_43266 SSP; chitinase_II, chitin-bd_II N, P
Similar to chitin-binding protein CLC_1125 SSP/TM; Cellulose/chitin-bd_N N, P
Uncharacterized CLC_18633 Chitin-bd_N; TM N, P
Similar to chitinase-3 CLC_2296 SSP; chitinase_II, chitin-bd_II (2×) N, P
Uncharacterized CLC_2347, idb_28940 ARM_like, chitin-bd_II (2×); ConA_like N
Uncharacterized/IgGFc-binding protein CLC_3878, idb_2768, idb_2772, Tri_120377, Tri_120379 SSP; chitin-bd_II (4×), Sushi, galectin_CRP, FA58C_3 N, P
Similar to shell matrix protein (PSM_MYTCA) idb_13357 (aa561–780), idb_13358 chitin-binding_II (2×); IDP N, P
Similar to IgGFc-binding protein idb_1745 SSP; chitin-bd_II (23×) N, P
Uncharacterized idb_2023, CLC_2607, idb_2021 IG, chitin-bd_II N, P
Similar to chitinase-3 idb_32310 SSP; chitinase_II, chitin-bd_II (2×) N, P
Uncharacterized idb_44571 chitin-bd_II (4×); TM N, P
Similar to endochitinase idb_53451 glyco_hydro_18, chitin-bd_II N
Similar to chitin deacetylase idb_6290 SSP; glyco_hydro/deAcase_b/a-brl/NodB (2×) N, P
Uncharacterized idb_982 SSP; multiple Sushi_SCR_CCP, galactose_bd, chitin-bd_II (6×), fucolectin/tachylectin-4/pentraxin-1, galectin N; P
Uncharacterized Tri_109450 SSP; chitin-bd_II (2×) N, P
Uncharacterized Tri_7902 chitin-bd_II (3×) N, P
Uncharacterized idb_54309, Comp22563_c0_seq1_3, idb_57746 SSP, chitin-bd_II (3×) P
Uncharacterized Comp99505_c0_seq1_5 TM; chitinase_II P
Uncharacterized CLC_413 chitinase_II P
Uncharacterized idb_32090 TM; chitin-bd_II (3×) P
Uncharacterized idb_5844 TM; SEA, chitin-bd_II (3×), Ig-like_fold P
Uncharacterized Tri_50040 SSP; ConA-like, chitin-bd P
Uncharacterized Tri_95672 SSP; ConA-like,, chitin-bd_II (3×) P
  1. For more detailed annotations see additional Additional file 4: Table S2 and Additional file 5: Table S3. SSP predicted signal sequence peptide, TM predicted transmembrane segment, IDP predicted intrinsically disordered protein (predicted disorder > 90%), N nacre, P prismatic layer. Domain abbreviations are those of InterProScan ( The two first entries were close to the threshold for major proteins (bold print)