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Table 3 Comparison of 2-DE profiles of proteins in medaka extracted using five methods in terms of No. of protein spots, quality of background and resolution of proteins. Each protein sample was extracted from five medaka fish, with 100 μL of protein loaded on the strip. The value inside the bracket is the standard deviation of three independent trials in each protein extraction method. “+++” = good, “++” = average, “+” = fair and “-” = poor

From: Production of high-quality two-dimensional gel electrophoresis profile for marine medaka samples by using Trizol-based protein extraction approaches

Protein Extraction MethodNo. of Protein SpotsQuality of BackgroundResolution of Proteins
Trizol method1447 (32.47)++
Lysis buffer method1629 (112.59)+
TCA/acetone precipitation1154 (96.91)*
Aliquot Trizol method1550 (65.91)++++
Trizol method with a commercial clean-up kit1628 (40.28)++++++
  1. *Statistically significant difference (P ≤ 0.05) compared with Trizol method (Tukey’s HSD method)