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Table 5 The most informative patterns for ZF

From: Prediction of DNA-binding proteins from relational features

  Structural pattern N
1 res(A,cys), res(B,cys), res(C,his), res(D,his), res(E,arg), dist(A,B,6.0), dist(A,C,8.0), dist(A,D,10.0), dist(A,E,10.0) 10
2 res(A,cys), res(B,his), res(C,his), res(D,arg), dist(A,B,8.0), dist(A,C,10.0), dist(A,D,10.0) 10
3 res(A,his), res(B,his), res(C,cys), res(D,arg), dist(A,B,8.0), dist(A,C,8.0), dist(A,D,4.0) 10
4 res(A,cys), res(B,his), res(C,his), res(D,phe), dist(A,B,8.0), dist(A,C,10.0), dist(A,D,8.0) 9
5 res(A,his), res(B,cys), res(C,his), res(D,arg), dist(A,B,10.0), dist(A,C,8.0), dist(A,D,6.0) 9
6 res(A,his), res(B,cys), res(C,his), res(D,arg), dist(A,B,10.0), dist(A,C,8.0), dist(A,D,4.0) 8
7 res(A,cys), res(B,his), res(C,his), dist(A,B,8.0), dist(A,C,10.0) 8
8 res(A,cys), res(B,cys), res(C,his), res(D,his), res(E,phe), dist(A,B,6.0), dist(A,C,8.0), dist(A,D,10.0), dist(A,E,8.0) 8
9 res(A,his), res(B,cys), res(C,his), res(D,phe), res(E,cys), dist(A,B,10.0), dist(A,C,8.0), dist(A,D,10.0), dist(A,E,8.0) 5
10 res(A,his), res(B,cys), res(C,arg), res(D,his), dist(A,B,10.0), dist(A,C,10.0), dist(A,D,8.0) 3
  1. The ten most informative structural patterns according to the χ2 criterion for the dataset of Zinc Finger proteins. N is the number of folds, for which the actual pattern was one of the ten best patterns.