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Figure 4

From: Validation of a prefractionation method followed by two-dimensional electrophoresis – Applied to cerebrospinal fluid proteins from frontotemporal dementia patients

Figure 4

Prefractionated CSF from FTD patients compared to non-demented controls. Protein densities increased (squares) or decreased (circles) at least two times in prefractionated FTD CSF, analyzed using SYPRO-Ruby stained 2-DE gels. The five FTD patients were 70.6 ± 5.6 (mean ± SD) year-of-age and the five non-demented controls were 59.2 ± 11.9 (mean ± SD) year-of-age. The numbers on the 2-D gel pattern correlate each identified protein to the data given in table 2. Molecular weights (MW) are in kDa. a) Fraction 2–5 with pH 1.5–4.5 was analysed using a pH 3–6 linear IPG-strip. b) Fraction 6–9 with pH 4.5–6.0 was analysed using pH 4–7 linear IPG-strip. c) Fraction 10–14 with pH 6.0–7.5 was analysed using pH 5–8 linear IPG-strip in the first dimension.

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