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Table 1 Approximate Yield from Each Depletion Method

From: Evaluation of three high abundance protein depletion kits for umbilical cord serum proteomics

Method Load Volume (μl) Load (μg) Yield (μg) Yield % Yield Concentration (μg/μl)
Blue Albumin and IgG Depletion Kit (PROTBA, Sigma-Aldrich) 25 1500 216 14.39 1.727
Multiple Affinity Removal System (5185, Agilent) 20 1200 133 11.08 2.871*
Immunoaffinity Albumin and IgG Depletion Kit (PROTIA, Sigma-Aldrich) 50 3000 340 11.34 1.513
  1. *The protein concentration in the depleted solution of Multiple Affinity Removal System (Agilent) was detected after concentration by ultrafiltration using a 5000 Da molecular mass cut-off centrifugal concentrator.