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Table 5 Profile-Alignment time and subcellular localization accuracy for different sequence cut-off positions in Scheme II. In the first column, “Full length” means that no sequence truncation was applied. “TargetP(P)” and “Tar-getP(N)” mean that the cutoff position is determined by TargetP using the “Plant” option and “Non-plant” option, respectively. CSitePred is a cleavage site predictor based on conditional random fields.

From: Fast subcellular localization by cascaded fusion of signal-based and homology-based methods

Seq. Cutoff position Alignment Time for Each Profile (sec.) Subcellular Localization Accuracy (%)
Full length 34.7 91.64
170 4.7 90.98
Ground-truth 1.9 98.31
Determined by TargetP(P) 1.8 89.08
Determined by TargetP(N) 1.7 93.14
Determined by CSitePred 1.9 91.45