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Table 1 Characteristics of S. bicolor genotypes used in the proteomics study

From: Label-free quantitative proteomics of Sorghum bicolor reveals the proteins strengthening plant defense against insect pest Chilo partellus

Characteristics S. bicolor genotypes
ICSV700 IS2205 Swarna
Panicle Fully exerted, compact, elliptic and presence of awns. Semi-compact and elliptic. Panicle weight of 53 g. Fully exerted, loose, erect and absence of awns.
Flowering It takes 80–85 days to flower and matures in 120–125 days. Takes about 80 days to flowering, and matures in about 90–100 days. Flowering takes place after 65 days.
Grains Lustrous, small-sized grains and 55% grain covered with glumes. 100 seeds weigh around 2.3 g. White, lustrous. 100 seed weight of 2.6 g. Lustrous and around 25% grains are covered with glumes. Mass of 100 seeds is around 3.5 g.
Plant height 250 cm 250 cm up to 166 cm
Insect Resistant/ Susceptible Moderately Resistant Resistant Susceptible
  1. Morphological, growth, seed features and Chilo partellus susceptibility of the three S. bicolor genotypes used [30]