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Aims and scope

Aims and scope

Proteome Science is an open access journal publishing research in the area of systems studies. Proteome Science considers manuscripts based on all aspects of functional and structural proteomics, genomics, metabolomics, systems analysis and metabiome analysis. It encourages the submissions of studies that use large-scale or systems analysis of biomolecules in a cellular, organismal and/or environmental context.

Studies that describe novel biological or clinical insights as well as methods-focused studies that describe novel methods for the large-scale study of any and all biomolecules in cells and tissues, such as mass spectrometry, protein and nucleic acid microarrays, genomics, next-generation sequencing and computational algorithms and methods are all within the scope of Proteome Science, as are electron topography, structural methods, proteogenomics, chemical proteomics, stem cell proteomics, organelle proteomics, plant and microbial proteomics.

In spite of its name, Proteome Science considers all aspects of large-scale and systems studies because ultimately any mechanism that results in genomic and metabolomic changes will affect or be affected by the proteome. To reflect this intrinsic relationship of biological systems, Proteome Science will consider all such articles.