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  1. The calcitic brachipod shells contain proteins that play pivotal roles in shell formation and are important in understanding the evolution of biomineralization. Here, we performed a large-scale exploration of ...

    Authors: Yukinobu Isowa, Isao Sarashina, Kenshiro Oshima, Keiji Kito, Masahira Hattori and Kazuyoshi Endo
    Citation: Proteome Science 2015 13:21
  2. The mouse epididymis performs an essential role in sperm maturation, but global protein expression data in mouse epididymis are still lacking. Here, we reported the first in-depth gel-based profiling of mouse ...

    Authors: Xin Liu, Fu-Jun Liu, Shao-Hua Jin, Xiao-Fang Shen and Yan-Wei Wang
    Citation: Proteome Science 2015 13:20
  3. Differentiated cell nuclei can be reprogrammed to a pluripotent state in several ways, including incubation with oocyte extracts, transfer into enucleated oocytes, and induced pluripotent stem cell technology....

    Authors: Qi Zhao, Zheng Guo, Shanhua Piao, Chunsheng Wang and Tiezhu An
    Citation: Proteome Science 2015 13:18
  4. Vitellogenin (Vtg) is the major egg yolk protein (YP) in most oviparous species and may be useful as an indicator in ecotoxicological testing at the biochemical level. In this study, we obtained detailed infor...

    Authors: Natalia A Petushkova, Galina P Kuznetsova, Olesya V Larina, Yulia S Kisrieva, Natalia F Samenkova, Oxana P Trifonova, Yuliana V Miroshnichenko, Konstantin V Zolotarev, Irina I Karuzina, Olga M Ipatova and Andrey V Lisitsa
    Citation: Proteome Science 2015 13:17
  5. Cultivation of osteoclasts is a basic tool for investigating osteolytic bone diseases. Fetal bovine serum (FBS) is the standard supplement used for in vitro cell culture medium. Typically, the serum volume fracti...

    Authors: Qi Xiong, Lihai Zhang, Lingli Xin, Yanpan Gao, Ye Peng, Peifu Tang and Wei Ge
    Citation: Proteome Science 2015 13:16
  6. As the rapid growth of the commercialized acreage in genetically modified (GM) crops, the unintended effects of GM crops’ biosafety assessment have been given much attention. To investigate whether transgenic ...

    Authors: Limin Wang, Xuchu Wang, Xiang Jin, Ruizong Jia, Qixing Huang, Yanhua Tan and Anping Guo
    Citation: Proteome Science 2015 13:15
  7. Transgelin2, one of cytoskeletal actin binding proteins has recently been suggested to be involved in the formation of immune synapses. Although detailed function of transgelin2 is largely unknown, interaction...

    Authors: Se Hwan Jang, Chang-Duk Jun and Zee-Yong Park
    Citation: Proteome Science 2015 13:14
  8. Using auditory discrimination learning in gerbils, we have previously shown that activation of auditory-cortical D1/D5 dopamine receptors facilitates mTOR-mediated, protein synthesis-dependent mechanisms of me...

    Authors: Nicole Reichenbach, Ulrike Herrmann, Thilo Kähne, Horst Schicknick, Rainer Pielot, Michael Naumann, Daniela C Dieterich, Eckart D Gundelfinger, Karl-Heinz Smalla and Wolfgang Tischmeyer
    Citation: Proteome Science 2015 13:13
  9. Pseudoprogression disease (PsPD) is commonly observed during glioblastoma (GBM) follow-up after adjuvant therapy. Because it is difficult to differentiate PsPD from true early progression of GBM, we have used ...

    Authors: Peng Zhang, Zhengguang Guo, Yang Zhang, Zhixian Gao, Nan Ji, Danqi Wang, Lili Zou, Wei Sun and Liwei Zhang
    Citation: Proteome Science 2015 13:12
  10. Neks are serine-threonine kinases that are similar to NIMA, a protein found in Aspergillus nidulans which is essential for cell division. In humans there are eleven Neks which are involved in different biological...

    Authors: Fernanda Luisa Basei, Gabriela Vaz Meirelles, Germanna Lima Righetto, Deivid Lucas dos Santos Migueleti, Juliana Helena Costa Smetana and Jörg Kobarg
    Citation: Proteome Science 2015 13:11
  11. Knowledge of the mouse salivary proteome is not well documented and as a result, very limited. Currently, several salivary proteins remain unidentified and for some others, their function yet to be determined....

    Authors: Anne A Blanchard, Peyman Ezzati, Dmitry Shamshurin, Andreea C Nistor, Etienne Leygue, John A Wilkins and Yvonne Myal
    Citation: Proteome Science 2015 13:10
  12. Ammonia is a well-known toxicant both existing in atmospheric and aquatic system. So far, most studies of ammonia toxicity focused on mammals or aquatic animals. With the development of poultry industry, ammon...

    Authors: Jize Zhang, Cong Li, Xiangfang Tang, Qingping Lu, Renna Sa and Hongfu Zhang
    Citation: Proteome Science 2015 13:9
  13. In this study, we searched for proteins that change their expression in the olfactory bulb (oB) of rats during ontogenesis. Up to now, protein expression differences in the developing animal are not fully unde...

    Authors: Michael Wille, Antje Schümann, Michael Kreutzer, Michael O Glocker, Andreas Wree, Grit Mutzbauer and Oliver Schmitt
    Citation: Proteome Science 2015 13:8
  14. While formation of mineralized tissue is characteristic of many animal taxa, the proteins that interact with mineral are diverse and appear in many cases to be of independent origin. Extracellular matrix prote...

    Authors: Ryan W Seaver and Brian T Livingston
    Citation: Proteome Science 2015 13:7
  15. Adrenal glands are essential endocrine organs composed of two embryological distinct tissues. Morphological changes during their development are well described, but less understood with regard to their molecul...

    Authors: Gry H Dihazi, Gerhard A Mueller, Abdul R Asif, Marwa Eltoweissy, Johannes T Wessels and Hassan Dihazi
    Citation: Proteome Science 2015 13:6

    The Correction to this article has been published in Proteome Science 2018 16:10

  16. Finding the best extraction method of proteins from lysed cells is the key step for detection and identification in all proteomics applications. These are important to complement the knowledge about the mechan...

    Authors: Carolina B Malafaia, Myrzânia L Guerra, Túlio D Silva, Patrícia MG Paiva, Elineide B Souza, Maria TS Correia and Márcia V Silva
    Citation: Proteome Science 2015 13:5
  17. Peroxiredoxin V (Prdx V) plays a major role in preventing oxidative damage as an effective antioxidant protein within a variety of cells through peroxidase activity. However, the function of Prdx V is not limi...

    Authors: Sun Hee Ahn, Hee-Young Yang, Gia Buu Tran, Joseph Kwon, Kyu-Yeol Son, Suhee Kim, Quoc Thuong Dinh, Seunggon Jung, Ha-Mi Lee, Kyoung-Oh Cho and Tae-Hoon Lee
    Citation: Proteome Science 2015 13:4
  18. Pyrenophora tritici-repentis is a phytopathogenic fungus which causes tan spot on wheat. Some races of P. tritici-repentis produce host-specific toxins which present symptoms of chlorosis or ne...

    Authors: Jacqueline Day, Roman Daniel Gietz and Christof Rampitsch
    Citation: Proteome Science 2015 13:3
  19. Despite the overall success of prostate specific antigen (PSA) in screening and detection of prostate cancer (PCa), its use has been limited due to the lack of specificity. The principal driving goal currently...

    Authors: Katarina Davalieva, Sanja Kiprijanovska, Selim Komina, Gordana Petrusevska, Natasha Chokrevska Zografska and Momir Polenakovic
    Citation: Proteome Science 2015 13:2
  20. Chemoresistance remains a significant challenge in chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML) management, which is one of the most critical prognostic factors. Elucidation the molecular mechanisms underlying the resis...

    Authors: Shi Qinghong, Gao Shen, Song Lina, Zhao Yueming, Li Xiaoou, Wu Jianlin, He Chengyan, Li Hongjun and Zhao Haifeng
    Citation: Proteome Science 2015 13:1
  21. We investigated the effects of mycophenolate mofetil (MMF) on kidney function and on protein phosphorylation in a mouse model for the human Alport syndrome.

    Authors: Darinka Todorova Petrova, Frank Christian Schultze, Gunnar Brandhorst, Klaus-Dieter Luchs, Christof Lenz, Henning Urlaub, Diana Rubel, Oliver Gross, Philip D Walson and Michael Oellerich
    Citation: Proteome Science 2014 12:56
  22. The total protein contents of rice seeds are significantly higher in the three wild rice species (Oryza rufipogon Grill., Oryza officinalis Wall. and Oryza meyeriana Baill.) than in the cultivated rice (Oryza sat...

    Authors: Chunmiao Jiang, Zaiquan Cheng, Cheng Zhang, Tengqiong Yu, Qiaofang Zhong, J Qingxi Shen and Xingqi Huang
    Citation: Proteome Science 2014 12:51
  23. Osteoarthritis (OA) is a chronic degenerative disease of the articular cartilage, and its diagnosis is based on symptoms and radiological signs that are only present in the late stages of the disease. Due to t...

    Authors: Nancy Marbella Parra-Torres, Febe Elena Cázares-Raga and Juan Bautista Kouri
    Citation: Proteome Science 2014 12:55
  24. Mass spectrometry-based proteomics experiments generate spectra that are rich in information. Often only a fraction of this information is used for peptide/protein identification, whereas a significant proport...

    Authors: Trung Nghia Vu, Aida Mrzic, Dirk Valkenborg, Evelyne Maes, Filip Lemière, Bart Goethals and Kris Laukens
    Citation: Proteome Science 2014 12:54
  25. Transcription factors bind to response elements on the promoter regions of genes to regulate transcriptional activity. One of the major problems with identifying transcription factors is their low abundance re...

    Authors: Linda I Nagore, YanWen Zhou, Robert J Nadeau, YinShan Jia and Harry W Jarrett
    Citation: Proteome Science 2014 12:53
  26. Pancreatic cancer development is associated with characteristic alterations like desmoplastic reaction and immune escape which are mediated by the cell-cell communication mechanism and by the microenvironment ...

    Authors: Susanne Klein-Scory, Mahnaz Moradian Tehrani, Christina Eilert-Micus, Kamila A Adamczyk, Nathalie Wojtalewicz, Martina Schnölzer, Stephan A Hahn, Wolff Schmiegel and Irmgard Schwarte-Waldhoff
    Citation: Proteome Science 2014 12:50
  27. The cytokine MIF (Macrophage Migration Inhibitory Factor) has diverse physiological roles and is present at elevated concentrations in numerous disease states. However, its molecular heterogeneity has not been...

    Authors: Nisha D Sherma, Chad R Borges, Olgica Trenchevska, Jason W Jarvis, Douglas S Rehder, Paul E Oran, Randall W Nelson and Dobrin Nedelkov
    Citation: Proteome Science 2014 12:52
  28. Acute coronary syndrome is the major cause of death in developed countries. Despite its high prevalence, there is still a strong need for new biomarkers which permit faster and more accurate diagnostics and ne...

    Authors: Carlos M Laborde, Sergio Alonso-Orgaz, Laura Mourino-Alvarez, José Moreu, Fernando Vivanco, Luis R Padial and María G Barderas
    Citation: Proteome Science 2014 12:43
  29. The rapid progress of proteomics over the past years has allowed the discovery of a large number of potential biomarker candidates to improve early tumor diagnosis and therapeutic response, thus being further ...

    Authors: Ionela Daniela Popescu, Elena Codrici, Lucian Albulescu, Simona Mihai, Ana-Maria Enciu, Radu Albulescu and Cristiana Pistol Tanase
    Citation: Proteome Science 2014 12:47
  30. The zootechnical performance of three different commercial feeds and their impact on liver and serum proteins of gilthead sea bream (Sparus aurata, L.) were assessed in a 12 week feeding trial. The three feeds, n...

    Authors: Stefania Ghisaura, Roberto Anedda, Daniela Pagnozzi, Grazia Biosa, Simona Spada, Elia Bonaglini, Roberto Cappuccinelli, Tonina Roggio, Sergio Uzzau and Maria Filippa Addis
    Citation: Proteome Science 2014 12:44
  31. Visceral leishmaniasis (VL) is a deadly parasitic diseases caused by Leishmania donovani; it is a major health problem in many countries. A lack of proper understanding of the disease biology, poor diagnostic met...

    Authors: Arup Kumar Bag, Sutapa Saha, Shyam Sundar, Bibhuti Saha, Abhijit Chakrabarti and Chitra Mandal
    Citation: Proteome Science 2014 12:48
  32. The persistence of minimal residual disease (MRD) during therapy is the strongest adverse prognostic factor in acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL). This study was to identify serum candidate peptides for monitori...

    Authors: Ju Bai, Aili He, Chen Huang, Juan Yang, Wanggang Zhang, Jianli Wang, Yun Yang, Pengyu Zhang, Yang Zhang and Fuling Zhou
    Citation: Proteome Science 2014 12:49

    The Correction to this article has been published in Proteome Science 2020 18:9

  33. Sporadic inclusion body myositis (s-IBM) is the most commonly occurring acquired inflammatory myopathy in elderly people (>45 years); however, pathogenic mechanisms are poorly understood and diagnostic tools a...

    Authors: Ke Li, Chuanqiang Pu, Xusheng Huang, Jiexiao Liu, Yanling Mao and Xianghui Lu
    Citation: Proteome Science 2014 12:45
  34. Protein phosphorylation is considered a key event in signal transduction. Peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) are a critical component of the immune system. The analysis of PBMCs phosphoproteome might h...

    Authors: Maria Teresa Rocchetti, Michela Alfarano, Leonarda Varraso, Salvatore Di Paolo, Massimo Papale, Elena Ranieri, Giuseppe Grandaliano and Loreto Gesualdo
    Citation: Proteome Science 2014 12:46
  35. Many human diseases are correlated with the dysregulation of signal transduction processes. One of the most important protein interaction domains in the context of signal transduction is the Src homology 2 (SH...

    Authors: Michael Höfener, Stephanie Heinzlmeir, Bernhard Kuster and Norbert Sewald
    Citation: Proteome Science 2014 12:41
  36. We have witnessed significant progress in gene-based approaches to cancer prognostication, promising early intervention for high-risk patients and avoidance of overtreatment for low-risk patients. However, the...

    Authors: Michail Shipitsin, Clayton Small, Eldar Giladi, Summar Siddiqui, Sibgat Choudhury, Sadiq Hussain, Yi E Huang, Hua Chang, David L Rimm, David M Berman, Thomas P Nifong and Peter Blume-Jensen
    Citation: Proteome Science 2014 12:40
  37. Organotypic tumor spheroids, a 3D in vitro model derived from patient tumor material, preserve tissue heterogeneity and retain structural tissue elements, thus replicating the in vivo tumor more closely than comm...

    Authors: Uros Rajcevic, Jaco C Knol, Sander Piersma, Sébastien Bougnaud, Fred Fack, Eirik Sundlisaeter, Karl Søndenaa, Reidar Myklebust, Thang V Pham, Simone P Niclou and Connie R Jiménez
    Citation: Proteome Science 2014 12:39
  38. Haemophilus parasuis is the causative agent of Glässer’s disease characterized by polyserositis, arthritis, and meningitis in pig, leading to serious economic loss. Despite many years of study, virulence factors ...

    Authors: Luhua Zhang, Yiping Wen, Ying Li, Xingliang Wei, Xuefeng Yan, Xintian Wen, Rui Wu, Xiaobo Huang, Yong Huang, Qigui Yan, Mafeng Liu and Sanjie Cao
    Citation: Proteome Science 2014 12:38
  39. Somatic embryogenesis is a complex process regulated by numerous factors. The identification of proteins that are differentially expressed during plant development could result in the development of molecular ...

    Authors: Ellen de Moura Vale, Angelo Schuabb Heringer, Tatiana Barroso, André Teixeira da Silva Ferreira, Monique Nunes da Costa, Jonas Enrique Aguilar Perales, Claudete Santa-Catarina and Vanildo Silveira
    Citation: Proteome Science 2014 12:37
  40. It is possible to identify thousands of phosphopeptides and –proteins in a single experiment with mass spectrometry-based phosphoproteomics. However, a current bottleneck is the downstream data analysis which ...

    Authors: Sandra Söderholm, Petteri Hintsanen, Tiina Öhman, Tero Aittokallio and Tuula A Nyman
    Citation: Proteome Science 2014 12:36
  41. Suberin is a recalcitrant plant biopolymer composed of a polyphenolic and a polyaliphatic domain. Although suberin contributes to a significant portion of soil organic matter, the biological process of suberin...

    Authors: Doaa Komeil, Rebeca Padilla-Reynaud, Sylvain Lerat, Anne-Marie Simao-Beaunoir and Carole Beaulieu
    Citation: Proteome Science 2014 12:35
  42. A more specific and early diagnostics for prostate cancer (PCa) is highly desirable. In this study, being inflammation the focus of our effort, serum protein profiles were analyzed in order to investigate if t...

    Authors: Stefania Bergamini, Elisa Bellei, Luca Reggiani Bonetti, Emanuela Monari, Aurora Cuoghi, Francesco Borelli, Maria Chiara Sighinolfi, Giampaolo Bianchi, Tomris Ozben and Aldo Tomasi
    Citation: Proteome Science 2014 12:32
  43. Although protein phosphorylation is an important post-translational modification affecting protein function and metabolism, dynamic changes in this process during ontogenesis remain unexplored in woody angiosp...

    Authors: Yan Wang, Yi Wang, Yong Bo Zhao, Dong Mei Chen, Zhen Hai Han and Xin Zhong Zhang
    Citation: Proteome Science 2014 12:31
  44. Atherosclerosis is considered a progressive disease that affects arteries that bring blood to the heart, to the brain and to the lower end. It derives from endothelial dysfunction and inflammation, which play ...

    Authors: Alvaro Montoya-Rodríguez, Jorge Milán-Carrillo, Vermont P Dia, Cuauhtémoc Reyes-Moreno and Elvira González de Mejía
    Citation: Proteome Science 2014 12:30
  45. Aeromonas salmonicida is an important fish pathogen that produces a wide and varied array of virulence factors. Here we used iron deprivation by addition of the chelator 2’2-dipyridyl to induce the expression of ...

    Authors: Simon Menanteau-Ledouble, Julia Kattlun, Katharina Nöbauer and Mansour El-Matbouli
    Citation: Proteome Science 2014 12:29

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